My Pledge for Communication

“Communicate unto the other person that which you would want him to communicate unto you if your positions were reversed.”

— Aaron Goldman

How true is this quote for me! 

Whether explicitly addressed in their job description, or implicitly presumed and superimposed by other professionals and parents; there are major responsibilities special education teachers face. Of these responsibilities, I believe that a vital one is the higher demands in the parent-teacher relationship, especially for special education teachers of students in their early childhood, like me!

As the nation moves to provide more inclusive settings for students with disabilities, as well as increased interventions for students in their early childhood developmental years- like your son or daughter; it is of utmost importance for me to maintain a tie of communication with you about your child’s academic and social progress within the classroom. It is even more imperative that you become engaged in your child’s education very early on, as I know that is your goal while you read this, and that you work together with me to reinforce what your child is learning within the classroom. When parents feel capable and proficient in providing scientifically-based strategies, they ease student transitions, and experience success from the very beginning of their children’s educational journey. 

Teachers and parents need to work together to provide students with disabilities, especially young children with autism, a comfortable, adequate routine and a learning-ready environment. In order for this collaboration to begin, as a special education teacher, I need to take the initiative of providing you with supportive resources and strategies. Strategies may include behavioral techniques, communication tactics, and teaching strategies to help students capture what has been taught by the teacher. When used in conjunction with classroom strategies, these methods and resources should allow the students to be successful in and out of the classroom and across other adults. The idea should be to allow for the generalization of new and old skills taught to children with autism and other disabilities.

Although I am not yet a parent, as the daughter of a very dedicated and involved couple, I understand the importance of parent-teacher communication from my experience as a child and a student. It is my honest desire to communicate unto you all of my knowledge and strategies through this site so that we can better collaborate and enhance your child’s abilities! As a lover of learning, I am constantly seeking to understand better, to know more, to share constantly. As a special education teacher, I am a great believer that this collaboration and commitment starts with me. This is the purpose of Preschool Brains. May the posts you find here serve you as an informative source and as a fresh start for our journey together. 


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