Parent to Parent of Miami, Inc.

An icon illustrating a parent and child

Be your child’s number one advocate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parent to Parent of Miami, Inc.

Advocacy is an essential component of leading your child to success!

According to, advocacy is “the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending”. In our case, we are advocating for your child. In the years to come you will learn many ways in which you can become an active influence in your child’s life and academic endeavors. I truly believe that the first step toward that is through advocating for your child. Ultimately you are an expert in your child. You, better than anyone, know his skills, abilities, strengths and needs. This knowledge will become an excellent conduct to leading your child to success and to challenge him in a way that will bring him closer to the goals you and those in his team have prepared for him.

Parent to Parent of Miami, Inc. is an organization created and guided by parents like you. The idea was to aid families of students with disabilities with the process of obtaining services needed and understanding the educational system which can be very confusing at times. More than 25 years later, parents all over the county are still receiving the information they need to become their child’s number one advocate. Their website contains a great deal of information including resources, workshops,¬†training and motivational stories about other families and how they learned to advocate for their children.

Get acquainted with their website and read up on some of the free information they have available and you will feel better equipped to advocate for your child!


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