Sincerely Thankful

Dear Parents,

I wanted to take the time and personally thank you for a great first week! Thank you for bringing the supplies on time and for supporting our program. The students enjoyed the activities we did last week, especially in the art area. Also, I am very happy to say that EVERYONE brought a toy for show and tell this past Friday!!! Thank you for your cooperation and support! The students really enjoyed sharing their personal toys with each other. This activity truly promoted the social skills we review in the classroom and even motivated students to initiate interactions with one another and get to know each other better. I will definitely look into having this activity again in the near future.

As you saw, I sent out their art work home last Friday. I will continue to send any artwork completed within the classroom on Fridays. Although at times you may not be able to make out exactly what they did, take the time to ask them about it and to praise their artistic and creative attempts!

Please continue bringing your children on time and picking them up on time as well. This allows for Mrs. Marbella and I to plan accordingly for the next incoming group or the next school day. Keep up the great work!  


Sincerely thankful,

Mrs. Annie Maldonado


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