Fine Motor Skills for Preschool Students

Fine Motor Skills for Preschool Students

Should my child receive occupational therapy?

It is of exponential value to expose students to fine motor activities that will aid them to achieve developmentally appropriate fine motor skills. For children with disabilities, this can be challenging and it is necessary that activities of value and interest to them also be utilized.

I have linked this blog to an online binder I created that provides all information regarding fine motor skills for students in preschool. I have done this through; an excellent resource for sharing important information such as this. Dive into the binder, research, and explore. Leave comments of your thoughts here. Let me know if this was a helpful resource and if there are any topics of interest that you would like me to create a livebinder with. Enjoy!


Effective Communication Between Parents and Teachers

Effective Communication Between Parents and Teachers

How do I effectively communicate?

I have included here the link to an informative resource; a pdf about effective communication between parents and teachers. Here you will find information on the following topics:

  • The importance of parental involvement
  • National standards for parent/family involvement programs
  • Barriers to parental involvement
  • Communication in the parent-teacher relationship
  • Interpersonal skills tips
  • IEPs- what they are and how they work

I found this document to have very important information that could be helpful in understanding the parent-teacher relationship. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions. Know that I want to understand your point of view too. If you do not agree with something or have a different idea about how something works, I want to understand it. Let’s communicate!

What role does family play in student achievement?

As a high school student, I often dreaded the idea of having to write research papers. I found them boring and wordy. It wasn’t until I entered college and was forced to practice, and later became a teacher for students with disabilities that I realized the importance of staying informed and up-to-date with information that could help us make more educated decisions and understand essential topics better. I love finding science-based and research-based data. This information is factual information that could help society make better conclusions and assessments for interventions and decision-making. 

What role does family play in student achievement? A very important one! I have included this link unto our website because I find it quite valuable to understand the variables that could play a role in children academic, social and emotional success.

This website provides analysed data regarding family research and the impact that family has on society. I find this to be very important information to share, as the values that we hold as a family help our little ones grow up with values of their own. This website also provides access to an extensive library of findings and scholarly articles and journals to help you stay up to date with the research. 

Here I have included some research briefs to help you get started with your search for information. Simply click the links to read the files posted. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. Begin your research quest and find more about the impact your family has on your child.

Parent to Parent of Miami, Inc.

An icon illustrating a parent and child

Be your child’s number one advocate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parent to Parent of Miami, Inc.

Advocacy is an essential component of leading your child to success!

According to, advocacy is “the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending”. In our case, we are advocating for your child. In the years to come you will learn many ways in which you can become an active influence in your child’s life and academic endeavors. I truly believe that the first step toward that is through advocating for your child. Ultimately you are an expert in your child. You, better than anyone, know his skills, abilities, strengths and needs. This knowledge will become an excellent conduct to leading your child to success and to challenge him in a way that will bring him closer to the goals you and those in his team have prepared for him.

Parent to Parent of Miami, Inc. is an organization created and guided by parents like you. The idea was to aid families of students with disabilities with the process of obtaining services needed and understanding the educational system which can be very confusing at times. More than 25 years later, parents all over the county are still receiving the information they need to become their child’s number one advocate. Their website contains a great deal of information including resources, workshops, training and motivational stories about other families and how they learned to advocate for their children.

Get acquainted with their website and read up on some of the free information they have available and you will feel better equipped to advocate for your child!